PinnyPals | New Site Info

A new PinnyPals site is just around the corner! has been running since the early days of Pinny Arcade in 2013, and this will be the first major rewrite. In the 9 years it has been running, there have been over 1,000 new pins added to the site, 2000 PinnyPals have created accounts, there have been 4,000 successful trades involving 24,000 pins.

The new site will have a number of improvements, including:

This is just the start - there are more improvements to come!

The new site will be launched soon (™️). Keep an eye on the #ppwebsite slack channel, and the @PinnyPalsDotCom twitter account for news.

Huge thanks go to grgemonkey for building and maintaining over the years, and his continued support of the pin community! Thanks also to those who have helped test the new site.

- astroboi